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Gas chromatography mass spectrometer
2018/10/16 8:47:46

Gas chromatography mass spectrometer is an analytical method for measuring charge-mass ratio of ions. Its basic principle is to ionize each component of the sample in an ion source and generate positive ions with different charge-mass ratio. After accelerating the action of electric field, the ion beam is formed and enters the mass analyzer. In the mass analyzer, the mass spectra are obtained by focusing them separately with the opposite velocity dispersion caused by the electric and magnetic fields.

Equipment performance of gas chromatography mass spectrometer
1. High sensitivity.

2, the overall inert high temperature ion source: up to 3500C, suitable for analysis of high boiling point compounds.

3. Trace ion detection (TID) technology to improve the sensitivity and reliability of trace samples in complex samples.

4, heating hyperboloid quadrupole analyser, with ion transmission efficiency, and free maintenance of quadrupole

5. The gain normalization tuning function improves the comparability of data.

6, hydrogen can be selected as carrier gas to improve the analysis speed and reduce the running cost.

7. Retention time lockout convolution reporting software (DRS) and 926 DRS compound databases.

8, the configuration of micro plate flow control technology can be used for multi signal data acquisition.

Advantages of hardware technology for gas chromatography mass spectrometer

GC system, with electronic flow and electronic pressure control (EFC, EPC);

High efficiency filament, high electron emission efficiency, up to 350 A;

The quadrupole single quadrupole mass analyzer can effectively reduce the fouling of quadrupole in the sample preparation process.

The electronic multiplier with high energy conversion pole is good sensitivity.

Imported mechanical pumps and molecular pumps form excellent vacuum system to ensure high stability and reliability of the system.

Equipped with full range vacuum gauge to monitor vacuum condition in real time.

Perfect protection system ensures that the key parts of the system are protected when the instrument is in abnormal condition and the service life of the instrument is prolonged.

Advanced RF power supply digital compensation technology can make the mass spectrum peaks within the full mass range to achieve higher sensitivity and resolution.

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