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"The Belt and Road” in the Lead, PANNA A91 Walks into India!
2018/7/30 10:01:35

In recent years, the government exerts efforts in introducing foreign investment and advocating Made in India, so that India economy procures compelling achievement. While under the implementation of “the Belt and Road” strategy, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises start to go abroad, embarking on integration with the world.

Last September, PANNA firstly entered into Hyderabad Experiment Show in India, ending in an abundant harvest. At present, PANNA A91 succeeds to enter the India market and prepares to face any new challenge!

At local time 8:00 p.m. on April 20, the meeting of “PANNA A91 Production Presentation and Users Intercommunions” was grandly held in Hyderabad, with total participants of over 80 from local pharmacy, environment and food enterprises. The scene atmosphere was greatly boisterous.

In the meeting, the principal of Indian distributor shared and introduced the PANNA A91 laboratory gas chromatograph to the users and expressed his good vision for friendly and efficient cooperation with PANNA. Moreover, the high-quality product of PANNA has also won the majority of customers acclaim from participants.

Speech delivered by principal of the company


Ribbon-cutting in the scene



In the few days afterwards, PANNA engineers installed and debugged the instruments and made relevant training for users.

At this point, the trip to India ended smoothly!

“The Belt and Road” strategy has brought new chances for China, as well as a wider road to the world for PANNA.

“When all frustrations and setbacks removed, there will be one day to realize dreams and fulfill ambitions”, PANNA will move ahead along with frustrations to welcome a bright future. We will carry with the spirit of professional craftsman, to build high-quality domestic instruments, and embark on an international road!


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